Contact for forensic cases is primarily initiated by the attorney representing the interested party. Procedure dictates that our office acquire basic case details, such as the type of case (civil or criminal, and subcategory), the service requested, referral information, and any associated case deadlines. Please download the above intake form and submit via the email addresses at the bottom left of the page.

The current fee is $525 per hour for all services. This includes, but is not limited to, client and collateral interviews, record review, telephone calls, letters, reports, and travel time. Time is prorated to the next highest five minutes. Support staff time is billed at $75 per hour.

A case typically commences with record review. Clients are required to provide the relevant documents accompanied by a $3,500 retainer.

Payment arrangements are often tailored to the particular needs of the retaining party. For example, school districts and other public institutions generate a purchase order but cannot make payment until services have been provided. For parenting evaluations, all estimated fees must be paid in advance. Any fees provided in excess of the services rendered will be refunded. Clients will be notified promptly if authorized funds are approaching limits or have been exceeded.

When retained by a private attorney's office, the attorney, not the interested party, is the financially responsible party.

Fees for depositions and court appearances must be paid for 72 hours in advance. Fees are charged in hourly increments by prior agreement. In cases where there has been an underestimate for the time involved, prompt payment (10 business days) is expected.