Dr. Adler is a practicing clinical psychiatrist with formal Forensic Psychiatry Training. He is Board Certified in Adult (#33030) and Child and Adolescent (#2903) Psychiatry.

Among Our Services:

  • Consultation to attorneys (review of medical records, assistance in deposing experts, selection/“vetting” of experts, referrals for mental health services for legal clients, preparation of clients for the rigors of legal proceedings, and mental health aspects of case strategy)
  • Psychiatric evaluation for Personal Injury cases, Fitness for Duty, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Disability, IDEA/IEEs and Special Education issues (particularly consultation to School Districts)
  • Criminal issues such as Competency to Stand Trial, Diminished Capacity, Insanity Defenses and Mitigation/Sentencing
  • Testamentary Capacity (Competency to Create a Will), and other Civil Competency issues
  • Parenting Evaluations for Custody and Dependency matters

Dr. Adler graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship in July 2000. He had experience in Forensic Psychiatry prior to his Fellowship training.

He has been retained by The State of Washington, Seattle Public Schools, Northshore School System, State of Alaska Public Defender, King County Juvenile Court, as well as numerous attorneys.